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What is the International Pressed Flower Art Society?

It is a voluntary organization spreading the art of pressed flowers internationally.

December 1999


  • Popularizing pressed flowers as a form of culture and art
    We aim to improve the status of pressed flowers, by exhibiting pressed flower artworks all around the world and by publishing collections of work.

  • To further education and support pressed flower artists
    We provide opportunities to present their works in contests and motivate them by awarding prizes for outstanding works.

  • Popularizing pressed flower techniques and exchanging information
    We hold lectures to spread techniques of pressed flowers. We aim to enlarge the circle of friendship among pressed flower lovers and to set up of places to exchange information across areas and groups through various events.

  • Promotion of the pressed flower industry
    We support the promotion of development in regional industries through pressed flowers, and the industrialization of pressed flowers.

  • Social contributions linked with environmental protection
    By encouraging people to be involved with pressed flowers we make them aware of the importance to protect the natural beauty and the environment.

Honorary Chairperson

Jane G. Pepper (President of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, USA)

Honorary Vice Chairperson

Iris Collins (Pressed flower artist /Fomer President of the Pressed Flower Guild, UK)


Nobuo Sugino (Pressed flower artist / President of Japan Wonderful Oshibana Club)

Message from the President

Pressed flowers were made as botanical specimens for many years all over the world. Their original colors, however, easily got lost due to humidity of the air and oxidization.
Discoloration and deterioration of pressed flowers once used to be a serious problem during the humid rainy season in Japan. With new techniques developed, it has become possible to retain their original colors, thus enabling a new movement for pressed flowers to emerge : a new form of decorative arts.
We believe that pressed flower picture is the art form expressing harmony of human creativity and nature, which allows us to seek natural beauty within.
The International Pressed Flowers Art Society promotes activities to enhance the artistic quality of pressed flower pictures through your support.
We hope that people would receive comfort from the power of nature through our work. We would appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

President of the International Pressed Flower Art Society
Nobuo Sugino
(written only in Japanese)

Participating nations

Japan, UK, USA, France, Germany, Mexico, Ukraine, Italy, Hungary, Israeli, Iran, South Africa, Australia, Slovenia, Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, Phillipine, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, Serbia and Montenegro.

Number of members

1,023 (As of the end of March, 2010)

Contact address

<Please send enquiries about our society and information about pressed flowers to :>
2-5-10, 7th floor, Takashima Nishi-ku Yokohama 220-0011 JAPAN
Telephone: 81-45-461-1987 / Facsimile: 81-45-461-2337

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